Hello wifi world!

Welcome to my little bit of the wifi scene! I started out in wifi a number of years ago and, like many, just ‘fell’ into the role without really having much background knowledge at all! Jump forward a few years and it’s pretty much my full-time day job and I’m finding it more and more interesting on a daily basis.

The community of wireless professionals across the world provide a great level of inspiration for me to carry on learning and ‘playing’ with wireless. It’s one of those hobbies/occupations/careers where I seem to be learning something new each day.

In the past couple of years I have finally been able to start down the wireless certification track and confirm some stuff I already knew but, more importantly, add to it on a frequent basis. As of January 2019 I have my CWTS, CWNA and ECSE certifications and am working towards the CWDP and CWAP this year. My final goal is to try and become one of the few coveted CWNEs.

I have started this blog for a number of reasons but mainly to try and share my experiences with the rest of the wireless community as I get so much from the many other blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels out there.

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